AppleLeaf-W35-Daleen Roodt
The smell and the sound of Philenoptera violacea, the apple-leaf, remind you of crisp and crunchy apples. One lucky Wild Card member will win a certified print of the beautiful illustration used in Wild 35 winter 2016.

The apple-leaf gets its name from the sound of a leaf being crushed, as if you were biting into an apple. leaves are large and although the older ones become leathery, young leaves are velvety and apple-scented. A scrumptious treat for browsers such as giraffe, who even pick up fallen leaves from the ground.

Also known as the “rain tree”, the apple-leaf’s alternative name is derived from the fine bubbles of spittle secreted by the spittlebug or froghopper, which frequently attacks the twigs. The sap from the stem and branches passes through the insects’ bodies to such an extent that the ground or area covered by the plant is wet. Puddles may even form.

How to enter

Want to win a certified print of the apple-leaf illustration (pictured above) by botanical artist Daleen Roodt? To stand a chance, simply answer the following question: What is the alternative name for the apple-leaf? Send an email to [email protected] (subject: Apple-leaf) or SMS Apple: answer and your valid Wild Card number to 33929. It costs R1.50 an SMS. Competition closes 31 July 2016. A winner will be selected by lucky draw.