For wild inspiration, take a look at these pictures from the Winter 2017 issue. Intriguing, dramatic, quirky and exhilarating, they are a promise of what you can expect in the latest Wild.

Every quarter Wild brings you the best in travel, nature and conservation news. The winter issue offers fascinating insights into the natural world and plenty of inspiration for your next trip. It’s all about falling in love with the outdoors, ticking off #wildadventuregoals and waking up in the wilderness.

Blended cheetah family

Kgalagadi cheetahs-Sharifa, Mohammed Jinnah-min

Picture by Sharifa and Mohammed Jinnah

Wild Card members Sharifa and Mohammed Jinnah stumbled on a fascinating scene in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park: a female cheetah with four cubs, where previously she had two. Journalist Ilse Bigalke did some digging to get the full story behind the cheetah ‘adoption’.

Chariot of choice

Cape to Camdeboo-Kelly Lodewyks-min

Picture by Kelly Lodewyks

Intrepid travellers Calvin Fisher and Kelly Lodewyks with the 34-year-old Toyota Celica Supra coupé that took them to Camdeboo National Park. With no air con and no radio, their vintage vehicle might seem an offbeat choice for a 1,600km road trip. Luckily the duo had inventive plans to make the most of their wilderness escape.

Riding high

Golden Gate-Sabie Botha-min

Picture by Sabie Botha

For commanding views, you can’t beat a horseback trail in the glorious Golden Gate Highlands National Park. Entering into the spirit of Wild’s Year of Adventure & Activity, Sanelisiwe Gantsho explored in the company of a qualified dressage competitor, drank traditional beer at the Basotho Cultural Village, and woke up to a view of Brandwag Buttress.

Hyenas in the spotlight

Spotted hyenas and kudu-Albie Venter-min

Picture by Albie Venter

“Spotted hyenas love water,” says photojournalist Albie Venter, who has watched a clan of all ages frolicking in a waterhole. But on this occasion, the hyenas had a very different goal in mind. In his article Albie shares insights on their hunting behaviour, scent-marking systems and the differing lifestyles of spotted and brown hyenas. Don’t miss his impressive photos!

See Mapungubwe anew

Mapungubwe-Mike Kendrick-min

Picture by Mike Kendrick

An unfenced bush camp in the wild heart of this World Heritage Site makes for a very different experience. Wild sent writer Harriet Nimmo to seek out secluded accommodation options in Mapungubwe National Park. She reveals why a heritage tour with Cedric Sethlako, a SANParks Guide of the Year, rates as one of her top 10 experiences in South Africa.

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