Our wild places offer us the peace and beauty that we need to embrace life’s daily challenges. No one knows that better than the Wild Card programme manager, Hein Grobler, known to members as Wild Hein. He shares photos from his travels to the parks this year, along with a year-end message to make you think.

I am a man of few words and as 2017 draws to a close, I find just two sum up my thinking: ‘life’ and ‘live’. These two words have so much more meaning when placed in the following sequence: ‘Life: Explore • Conserve • Enjoy • Live!’ Have a wonderful festive season and an incredible Wild 2018.
– Wild Hein


Mapungubwe National Park: Leokwe Camp at sunset


Mapungubwe National Park: The award-winning Interpretive Centre


Kruger National Park: The view from Redrocks Lookout


Kruger National Park: a special sighting


Kruger National Park: Skukuza Golf Club