We put the spotlight on Agulhas National Park and uncover a world of treasures at the southernmost tip. From shipwreck trails and beach rides to whale spotting and hiking, Agulhas has all the elements for an unforgettable holiday. Wild9-Summer-2010-PAGE

There’s also plenty for water babies to enjoy with our round-up of coastal activities, taking you from Langebaan Lagoon on the West Coast to Cape Vidal’s warm waters. Or escape summer’s sweltering days in the cool of a forest – check out the editor’s pick of five forests to explore.

This issue has plenty of fascinating reads on the natural world. Lion and buffalo face off in a contest where big risks bring big rewards and hyaenas are the surprising subjects of choice for research on the evolution of intelligence. Should you rescue that tortoise by the side of the road? We look at what happens when you take a wild animal home. Your own cubs haven’t been forgotten either. The kids’ section has been completely revamped with beautiful illustrations and a bedtime story for someone special.

Park in the spotlight: Track down stories and treasures along the iconic shore of Agulhas National Park.

Lion vs buffalo: Fortune favours the brave. Two of the Big Five are formidable rivals in the struggle for survival.

Mokala: What makes this award-winning park so special?

Animal learning: By acquiring knowledge our wild friends can adapt their behaviour – not just dumb animals, that’s for sure!

Fringe benefits: Explore our stunning coast with these easy adventure options and getaways.

From zero to hero: The humble beginnings of Africa’s most impressive mammals.

Wild choices: The editor’s selection of magical forests.

Birds: Too hot for feathers? Professor Phil Hockey investigates the impact of climate change on the region’s birds.

Wild pets: Can wildlife be tamed?

Kids: The amazing plants and animals of the grasslands, plus a bedtime story.