Wild dogs take centre stage in the latest issue of Wild, with an exclusive preview of Roger and Pat de la Harpe’s book on these elusive hunters. The photographers spent weeks in the field trailing the dogs – experience it for yourself on one of the tracking excursions we feature. Whether you go walking with rhino or end up stalking scorpions, you’ll emerge with a new understanding of nature. Wild8-Spring-2009-PAGE

In this issue we also uncover two of the secret treasures in the parks network. Lush and bursting with life, Kogelberg is a biodiversity hotspot for fynbos and leisurely pursuits from whale watching to mountain biking. The Richtersveld’s savage beauty is worlds removed but in the vast empty spaces you’ll find all sorts of plant and animal life. If you’re looking to get away from it all, check out the Wild editor’s pick of places to pitch your tent.

Nature reserve: Kogelberg Biosphere is a biodiversity hotspot and a fun place to work up a sweat.

Tracking the wild: Follow the trail to get insight into our natural heritage.

Park in the spotlight: Head to the Richtersveld Transfrontier Park to take a soul safari to South Africa’s only mountain desert.

Putting a price on nature: Bio-economics is all about valuing nature and paying a fair price for its services.

Why do animals play? Zoologist Dr Lynda Sharpe investigates possible reasons why mammals mess around.

History rocks: Rock formations give a glimpse into our country’s distant past.

Wild choices: The editor’s pick of places to pitch your tent.

What makes twitchers twitch? The three steps to birding’s ultimate rush.

Kids: Protective dads and animal sound systems.