Who wants to stay inside this winter when there’s so much fun to be had in our parks and reserves? Join us as we saddle up in Golden Gate, tune into the Kruger soundtrack and explore Camdeboo in a classic car.

This is the Wild Year of Adventure & Activity. Time to try something new and see a different side of the great outdoors. We have plenty of inspiration, from mild to wild – you decide! So grab your Wild Card, pack your bags and go tick some #wildadventuregoals.

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Winter is the traditional time for a bush holiday, but there’s nothing traditional about our suggestions:

  • In Kruger, try a sound safari and you’ll be amazed at the stories that play out in the chirps, growls, grunts, warbles and whistles all around you.
  • In Mapungubwe, there are exciting overnights spots for those in search of something different. Fancy the style and comforts of an old hunting lodge or rather the rustic appeal of an unfenced wilderness camp?

Young adventurers are seeing the parks in fresh and funky new ways. Why not take a leaf out of their book?

  • Explore Golden Gate’s rolling grasslands on horseback
  • Camp wild below Wolfberg Arch in the Cederberg for the ultimate landscape shots
  • Cruise to Camdeboo in a vintage ‘sports’ car
  • Take an epic road trip around SA, travelling from park to park


  • Cheetah adoption in the Kgalagadi
  • Why hyenas laugh
  • Glossy starling ID guide
  • Hooded vultures under threat


If you want to capture action in the natural world, it’s crucial to master the use of shutter speed. Pro photographer Morkel Erasmus shares his tips.