On our bucket list are 23 of the greenest destinations that will inspire nature pilgrims. This summer we bring you the Best of Eco, with inspiration for wild holidays as well as short trips to the beach, the bush or the mountains.

Best of Ecowild37

Ever wondered about the quietest spot, the cleanest air and the sparkliest night sky in Wild Card parks and reserves? In the summer 2016/7 edition of Wild, we announce our top picks for modern-day eco-warriors. It’s about biodiversity, eco-friendly lodging and the ultimate wilderness experience.

For Wild Card members whose preferred downtime is synonymous with motion, we explore responsible tourism options: hiking trails, horse trails, mountain bike trails, 4×4 trails and water trails.


Lion vs cheetah: The introduction of lions to Mountain Zebra National Park did not faze the resident population of cheetahs. Quite the contrary.

Owls: These stealthy raptors are not averse to human presence. Are you ready to enter their world?

African darter: Spend some time alongside a still water body and with a bit of luck you’ll enjoy a memorable sighting of this elegant underwater hunter with its snake-like appearance.


We salute the Bateleurs, the organisation of volunteer pilots who use private aircraft to fly wildlife missions free of charge. From finding lost rhinos to relocating oxpeckers, these pilots fly for nature and the pure love of flying.


A single image is sometimes all it takes to tell a compelling story.  We show you pictures that are worth a thousand words, and tell you how to take them.

4×4 Routes

  • Tapfontein in Anysberg Nature Reserve, where we head for a cabin deep in the hills.
  • Waaihoek in Camdeboo National Park, where a rugged track leads to the Rustic 4×4 Campsite, an unusual spot that sees very little tourist pressure.

New in Kgalagadi

The latest accommodation in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is top notch. Twee Rivieren now has a number of exclusive “hotels” with luxury suites. Can you book?