This spring we stay with eagles in Augrabies, discover hidden secrets on Table Mountain and spot the oldest female leopard in Kgalagadi. And that’s just the beginning! If you have chronic wanderlust, like we do, the latest issue of Wild has plenty of inspiration.

Arid Parks: are they for you?

Tankwa after the rains

Dry and dusty Tankwa is renowned for fine Karoo birdinwild-36g, but there’s more. After generous late autumn and winter rains, the desert transforms into a wildflower garden. As a special bonus, one of our journo’s has an amazing encounter – with an aardvark!

Richtersveld cross-border

The new park manager has a vision to bring in active young families who enjoy adventure pursuits. Plus: the botanical diversity of the desert will leave you slack-jawed. Guaranteed. Especially when you’ve seen how the trademark halfmens succulents self-amputate.

Road trip

Our pick of mountain passes calls bold explorers. We identify the dustiest, the greenest, the most remote, the shortest, the steepest and the roughest pass.


Honey badgers: We meet the tough guy of the bush and discover they’re not such rogues after all.
Black korhaan: Ever heard their ear-splitting rattles? What to look and listen for during their breeding season.
Feathers in full colour: Why do some birds have such extravagant plumages and how do they acquire their finery?

Congratulations on a really great magazine with interesting articles that have depth. It’s so much better than all the current bush, wilderness, travel or country life magazines which tend to be very superficial and poorly researched. Although we use our Wild Card for entry, even if we did not visit the parks, I would keep up the Wild Card membership to be sure to continue to get your magazine. Thank you.
Wild Card member, Dr Kay Leresche


Learn about taking pictures after dark, and why you need a spotlight. If you know how to light up the night, there’s a wealth of wildlife to capture.

Inside Track

  • The best spring hike is in Kogelberg, and it comes straight out of a fairy tale.
  • Take your tots to Kraalbaai in the West Coast National Park. It’s the type of beach every child should have access to.
  • If you’re into wellness, follow in the footsteps of our guru… and enjoy a massage with a view of a Big Five reserve.

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