This spring we’re celebrating nature in all her finery and paying tribute to the rich heritage preserved in our parks. Let Wild inspire your next holiday – you’ll see there are a wealth of wonderful reserves to choose from. 

Park in the spotlightWild32-Spring-2015-PAGE

Augrabies is famous for its magnificent waterfalls, but there’s lots more to see. We highlight the top 10 reasons to visit this arid park – why not try to tick them all off? It’s extra special to see the wilds through the eyes of a child and on a youth outreach programme in Augrabies, Wild learns the value of the Kids in Parks programme.

Treasure hunt in nature

  • Wild goes flower-hunting with four botanists in Kruger. The prize? A white flower last seen in 1954.
  • In search of champion trees, we explore Mapungubwe National Park.

The 1,000km road trip challenge

Where would you go with two tanks of fuel and your Wild Card? Our intrepid adventurers explore three wilderness destinations within a student budget.

Open-air museum

Learn more about the mysterious past from rock art, ancient dwellings and remarkable artefacts. Wild chooses three beautiful wilderness destinations where heritage is yours to explore.

Black harrier in focus

This beautiful raptor isn’t a common sight, but thanks to a camera project in West Coast National Park, researchers are learning more about their behaviour and biology.

Let’s go camping

What better way to connect with nature and your family? Jacques Marais and kids put Grootvadersbosch to the test.

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