To discover the best of nature – in unlikely places – look no further than the winter issue of Wild. And we give you our pick of five cosy camps for a closer connection to nature, and introduce you to the new bush lodges at Buffalo Valley.

Garden RoutWild27-Winter-2014-PAGEe Adventures

  • Pedal Wilderness, Harkerville and Storms River amidst ancient forests with fern-ringed swimming holes. Catch your breath at cliff-top panoramas overlooking hideaway beaches.
  • Slackpack with an expert on the Garden Route Trail (5 days, 60km). You will be indulged by the scenery and learn to understand the language of nature.


Of all the world’s deserts, Namaqualand offers the richest diversity of life – plus a food bonanza in spring. We zoom in on the flower carpets to find out what hides in the under-storey.

Visit Mokala

  • There’s more land for rare animals
  • Enjoy gourmet bush meals
  • Camp with private facilities
  • Stay in the romantic tree house

Bumper Birding

  • Hot pursuit at Tankwa. Throughout the year, flocks of birders descend on our national parks for a friendly weekend competition. Wild played the game at the Tankwa event and while we keenly ticked endemic specials of that arid area, we were in for a surprise.
  • My life with Verreaux’s eagles. On a stormy day in the Cederberg, two soaring eagles caught themselves a human prey. Over the next three years, zoologist Megan Murgatroyd hiked all over the mountains pursuing them, and witnessed spectacular never-seen-before behaviour.
  • When you tackle that next boiled egg for breakfast, pause awhile to reflect on nature’s miracle of packaging. With so many shapes, sizes, textures, colours and patterns in birds’ eggs, each species has a unique signature.

Also in the line-up

  • Photo school: when dust is your friend
  • Kruger: report your sightings of wild dogs, tuskers
  • See the Big 7, and much more, at Addo
  • Know the rules: sightings, hides, lookouts and offroad

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