The Spring issue of Wild magazine has a fascinating lineup of articles. We take a sneak peek at the highlights. Wild20-Spring-2012-INSIDE

Park in the spotlight

Hluhluwe-iMfolozi: On the Primitive Trail, hikers find their true place on this planet. The spirit of the wilderness also permeates the rest of the game reserve, the continent’s oldest.
Bontebok National Park is a sanctuary for many species, a place where rare things are common. A very little park – the smallest of South Africa’s 20 National Parks – and a very big achievement.

Environmental issue: Why do bontebok and blesbok interbreed? And blue and black wildebeest? Species who cheat on their own compromise their future.

Birding: Spring is show time! The start of the hot weather sees many migratory bird species arriving in our parks. Whatever their reasons, their route and their potential gain, over 130 bird species in Southern Africa are migrants. Migration is common in insect-eating birds, the most common being the aerial feeders – the swifts, swallows, bee-eaters and nightjars that feed in the open skies. But who’s the fairest of them all? Plus communication among birds – the subtle information conveyed by their calls.

Animal behaviour: Which butterflies are you likely to encounter in our national parks and nature reserves? Where should you look? We help you understand South African Lepidoptera.

4×4 destination: We discover wildest Kruger on the Lebombo Eco Trail, an experience dreamt of by nature lovers everywhere.

Adventure: Hikers and adventurers take note – there’s plenty to do at Ebb & Flow Rest Camp in the Wilderness section of the Garden Route National Park. We cover the different hiking trails and other active options such as rowing and fishing.

Camping: Are you a first time camper? Are you rigged for a 4×4 trail? Do you prefer to sleep rough on a hiking trail? Or do you make a home away from home in a well-appointed campsite? Our happy campers give us the low-down with tips and check lists.

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