Take a peek at what you can expect in the spring 2011 issue of Wild. Card members who purchased the new Wild Card will soon receive this exciting issue in the post. Wild16-Spring-2011-PAGE

Park in the spotlight: Peter Chadwick writes about De Hoop Nature Reserve, where he was reserve manager for three years. His photographs reveal the beauty of its inhabitants, from whales to the endangered Cape mountain zebra.

Destination: What’s it like to sleep in a bush camp without a fence? Wild editor Romi Boom says: “There’s no better way to experience the Kalahari, one of Earth’s true wilderness places, than overnighting in the open, in the unfenced camps of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.” Romi gives a first-hand account of her experience.

Wildlife: Crocodiles are great ambush predators and have perfected this art. Warren Schmidt explains why crocs make such successful hunters and why our rivers need them. He also takes a fascinating look at crocodile reproduction. Did you know that temperature determines gender in crocs?

Behaviour: Vervet monkeys are small but have big personalities. Megan Emmett looks at the ways that vervets use colour to raise the alarm or simply scare off fellow troopers.

Quick escape: Situated conveniently close to Durban and Pietermaritzburg, the Msinsi reserves offer verdant landscapes, game viewing and large dams for summer fun.

Flora: Spring is the time to see pollinators at work. Find out about the pollinating process and see exquisite images of birds, bees, butterflies and locusts.

People in parks: We meet the guides who reveal the magic of the bush, from Kruger to the Kalahari and KwaZulu-Natal.

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