Find out what’s in store for you in the winter 2011 issue of Wild. All card members who purchased the new Wild Card will soon receive this exciting issue in the post. Wild15-Winter-2011-PAGE

Lions in Addo: The handsome lions of Addo Elephant National Park make game watching at the popular Hapoor waterhole an even more exciting experience. Ann and Steve Toon observe these big cats introduced in 2003.

Travel: Our travel writers reveal the beauty of Golden Gate and the Royal Natal National Park.

Wildlife: The powerful and silent hunters of the sky surprise us with their nesting habitats. Birding expert Andrew Jenkins tells us more about martial eagles and why power lines are inadvertently benefiting them.

Portfolio: Professor Rudi van Aarde shares his exceptional photographs of baby elephants. Take a look at how baby elephants interact with their family.

Hiking: The cleverly concealed camps of Table Mountain allow you to escape from the bustle of the city below. Deputy editor Magriet Kruger overnights on Table Mountain and tells us what it’s like.

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