Spring is here – an invitation to head out and enjoy everything our wild spaces have to offer. And what better guide than the latest issue of WildWild12-Spring-2010-PAGE

An orange beak, bright orange legs, dark eyes and pale grey feathers: the southern pale chanting goshawk is an enchanting bird. Gerard Malan, a professor at the Tshwane University of Technology and raptorphile, tells us more.

Hyenas: They are mostly thought of as evil, bloodthirsty and sly. But are they really? The truth, according to those in the know, is rather different as writer Melissa Siebert discovers. We reveal more about the animals that clean up, bones and all.

This spring, we find solitude. Those places where a lone raptor swoops by as you sit in the mountains, far from the valley below. We choose five of the best places where you can have endless space under starry skies all to yourself.

Gamkaberg, our featured park, is also ideal for getting away from it all. You sit around glowing flames from a fire and sleep in tented rooms that blend into the surroundings. Gamkaberg is known for its rich flora and the Groenfontein section of the park where you can feed your eyes on plants – some no bigger than a jelly baby. Tucked away in the Klein Karoo, this park is remote and dreamy – a place to visit.

We then head out on horseback. In our parks you can ride past wildlife beauties or splash about in the waves on Noordhoek beach.

This issue is packed with stories, from a fascinating look at how birds go courting to intimate photographs of Africa’s cutest cubs.

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