Do explore our parks this winter, and cherish those unforgettable encounters with the great outdoors. In this issue, which coincides with the 2010 World Cup, Wild’s specialist writers have compiled a Best of the Best overview of what our parks and reserves have to offer. Wild11-Winter-2010-INSIDE

There is something for everyone. If photography is your passion, we tell you where to go. Whether it is remote wilderness you seek, or romance or hiking trails, affordable or luxury accommodation, we’ve selected the finest, the greatest, the most interesting and stimulating experiences.

Read our story about the king of the animal world, written by Gerald Hinde and Paul Funston, both dedicated cat lovers.

Find out what it’s like to spend a lifetime in the bush with lions, and what happens when rangers go looking for the ultimate predator. On the subject of rangers – Melissa Siebert speaks to a number of intrepid lady rangers, protectors of our wildlife and most beautiful spaces. The bush is their office, and they won’t hesitate to shoot if necessary.

Editor Romi Boom writes about the dreams and objectives of the Peace Parks Foundation. Through the creation of great wilderness areas, on a transfrontier scale, parks across borders are managed together. While the conservation benefits are obvious, for us, as tourists, consolidated parks also open up brand new routes with the added bonus of avoiding hectic border posts.

As a special treat for everyone who does not have the luxury of spending weeks, months and years in the bush, we publish a selection of breathtaking pictures from some of our favourite wildlife photographers. This magnificent portfolio depicts predator and prey in those touch-and-go moments that make us catch our breath.

Best of the best: There’s a park for everyone, from hikers to birders, 4×4 enthusiasts, romantics, photographers, adventurers – you name it, we’ve got it.

Beyond borders
: Transfrontier parks make it easier for animals to get around – and for you, too.

Defenders of the earth: 
Woman rangers reveal what life in the bush is like.

Explore in a day
: Quick trips into the wild from World Cup soccer stadiums.

Close encounters
: Your guide to outdoor adrenalin.

My life with lions: 
The incredible beauty and diversity of Africa’s fiercest hunter.

In the lion’s den
: An inside look at lion monitoring.

Predator meets prey
: Photographers share their favourite sightings

Strength in numbers: 
Why birds flock together.