Whatever you do, you must read the latest Wild magazine. It’s packed with fascinating features on wildlife, gorgeous photography of our wild spaces and lots of ideas to help you make the most of the holidays. If the images alone don’t inspire you to travel, then surely our reports from the field will have you packing your bags. Wild10-Autumn-2010-PAGE

For this issue Lesley Stones went elephant tracking and was surprised to learn how similar these massive creatures are to us. She reports on bossy mamas, babysitters and what’s considered attractive in the elephant world. Another member of the Big Five making waves is leopards. Dale Morris writes about the leopard/farmer conflict and the surprising solution that’s keeping these stealthy cats safe.

If you are planning on travelling, we have a round-up of places that are definitely worth a visit. Ithala’s a great destination for first-class comfort and game viewing in a spectacular setting. Looking to get away from it all? Then the quiet spaces and rustic style of the Tankwa Karoo are just the ticket. We also reveal our most gorgeous gorges: places where you can stand in awe of magnificent waterfalls and rock formations.

World cup fever is on the increase, but there’s no need to stress about holidaying during the match period. With our 2010 guide to parks and adventures away from the madding crowd, your winter break is sorted!

Park in the spotlight: Surrender to the endless vistas and tranquil days of Tankwa Karoo.

Destination: Ithala visitors can enjoy birding and big game, but it’s the dramatic landscape that steals the show.

All in the family: How do jumbo families hang together? On a game safari Lesley Stones watches herds of elephants up close.

Wilderness calling: We’ve got a round-up of the best wild ways to enjoy the World Cup. Make this the year to try something new or head to one of our selected spots.

Circles in the sand: Find out what lives in South Africa’s only sand forest.

Turning killers into keepers: How leopards can actually help farmers, and other inventive ways of putting nature to work.

Birds: Professor Phil Hockey looks at the lengths birds will go to for sex.

Editor’s choice: Escape to some of our country’s most gorgeous gorges.

Langebaan Lagoon: This marine protected area may be small, but it’s making a big impact on fish stocks.

Kids: What animals come out after dark?