What better to inspire your next trip to South Africa’s wild spaces than some adrenalin-pumping photos from Wild’s own members? We round up nine of our favourite action sequences (in no particular order) from recent years – now grab your camera and capture your own for a chance to be featured in 2019. By Rebekah Funk

1. Cheetahs discover a taste for drumsticks

Wild traveller Ashlea Todd had no idea what she was in for on her visit to the Kruger National Park; an intimate encounter with a pride of lions seemed icing on the cake – that is, until she came across an action-packed cheetah hunt. See what happened when the big cats spied an even bigger bird.

2. Magnificent male lion sees off a young rival

An inquisitive young lion learned the hard way that he shouldn’t disturb his elders while they’re courting: Jacques de Klerk’s impressive photo sequence captures a Mountain Zebra National Park turf war in real time.

3. Jackals squabble over carcass

Dinner is no joke in the Kgalagadi, where Wild explorer Daniel Dolpire stumbled upon as many as 19 black-backed jackals fighting over a wildebeest carcass.

4. Kgalagadi leopards duke it out

Wildlife enthusiast Fanie Heymans was lucky to have a camera close at hand for this epic encounter in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park: watch as two leopards hiss, rumble and roar for territorial rights.

5. Kruger crocodile shows honey badger no mercy

Photographer Sheila Grobbelaar and her husband witnessed first hand that there’s no escaping the jaws of one of Africa’s most ruthless hunters: the Nile crocodile. And it was a hard lesson for a honey badger who got too close to the water’s edge.

6. Kruger’s daring leopards a match for porcupines?

Imagine coming across not one but two typically-elusive leopards hunting porcupines in South Africa’s flagship park… that was the scene for this prickly wildlife sighting by Wild Card travellers John Coe and his partner on their eighth trip to Kruger. But did the spotted cats come out unscathed by their ambitious appetites?

7. Showdown in the Drakensberg: jackal vs vulture

Life in the Drakensberg is a daily (and sometimes hourly) fight for survival, especially if you’re one of its scavengers. Think ‘finders means keepers’ when it comes to food? Think again. This photo sequence captured by Michael Hofmeyr shows just how far wildlife will go to ensure their bellies are filled.

8. Lone Kruger lioness targets young giraffe

What happens when danger is lurking in plain sight? Anja and Riaan Kruger were stunned when a peaceful waterhole scene erupted before their eyes and three giraffes were caught unawares by a skillful stalking lioness.

9. Cat fight in the Kgalagadi

Gerda and Willie van Schalkwyk captured stunning photos of a dramatic chase on their 10-day trip in the Kgalagadi: a hungry leopard hot on the trail of a terrified wild cat.

Get in on the action

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