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Photo Stories

Loving Kgalagadi mom and baby

The wild can often be a harsh and unforgiving place, but Salomé Bezuidenhout was fortunate to witness one of the Kgalagadi’s more tender scenes: a mother springbok giving birth. She shares her heartwarming story in photos.

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An intimate look at South Africa’s cranes

The three crane species that call South Africa home beguile with their beauty, but they have a vital message to share. If these birds disappear due to vanishing habitat, we all face a difficult time. Photographer Daniel Dolpire spent five years photographing cranes to document our precious wetlands.

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Wild Hein looks back on 2017

Our wild places offer us the peace and beauty that we need to embrace life’s daily challenges. No one knows that better than the Wild Card programme manager, Hein Grobler, known to members as Wild Hein.

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