Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary


Horseback safari: wild riding trails

Observe wildlife — big and small — in close contact on an exhilarating horseback safari. Saddle up on these five wild riding trails to experience the subtle sounds of the bush, interrupted only by the steady clip clop of your trusted steed.

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Wild places calling in 2016

Make this your best wild year yet with our selection of unforgettable experiences. From river rafting on the Orange River to exploring nature on horseback and sleeping in a cave, these destinations deserve a spot on your itinerary for 2016.

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Year in the Wild: Swaziland

When Swaziland’s Big Game Parks celebrated 50 Years of Conservation in 2014, Scott Ramsay visited the protected areas to see how the small kingdom has created some of the best animal sanctuaries in the world.

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