Photo Stories

When a leopard stalks a cheetah

A showdown between two of Kruger’s large spotted cats is an unforgettable sight. When power meets speed and stealth triggers explosion, who knows what may happen? Thokozani Phakathi describes what went down when a leopard decided to stalk a cheetah.

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Top of the food chain: apex predators in focus

King of the jungle or biggest fish in the sea — what is it like to top the food chain with no natural predators? We asked five internationally-acclaimed Wild Shots photographers to share their thrilling captures of apex predators ahead of the Wild Shots Wildlife Photography Symposium on 2 November 2019, to better understand how these alpha species are critical to flourishing ecosystems.

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15 August 2019: Cape leopards talk

How do leopards carve out a life for themselves in the Cape mountains? Join us for a talk by Cape Leopard Trust researchers Jeannie Hayward and Anita Meyer, who will share recent findings from the Boland and Cederberg research areas….

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