Kruger National Park

Photo Stories

When a leopard stalks a cheetah

A showdown between two of Kruger’s large spotted cats is an unforgettable sight. When power meets speed and stealth triggers explosion, who knows what may happen? Thokozani Phakathi describes what went down when a leopard decided to stalk a cheetah.

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Kruger birding for beginners

New to birding? It’s easy to start enjoying Kruger’s winged wonders if you follow these steps for beginner birders. And Kruger birds – a safari guide is just the book you need on your new journey.

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A stay like none: retro rondavels

There are few accommodation options more authentically African than the rondavel. No frills, just charm. A night in one of these traditional circular cottages, topped with thatch or sheets of corrugated iron, conjurs up dreams of yesteryear — along with one of the most unique and affordable nights you could imagine in South Africa’s wild places.

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