Get to know the microcosmos at your feet and you’ll discover a world of dramatic kills, tender moments and intriguing interactions. A new book on the little critters, Invertebrates Tracks and Signs, opens it up to visitors. Wild Card members can purchase the book at a special offer.

Invertebrates Tracks and Signs by Lee Gutteridge is a guide to the little known world of the wilderness’s smaller creatures. In the last five years, Lee has been mining archives for relevant literature, hatching eggs in tubes to see what would emerge and consulting scientists from all over the world.

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He has also been frantically observing the tracks and signs of hundreds of tiny creatures in many places in southern Africa. The result is this fascinating field guide to the tracks and signs of invertebrates. (These are nimals without a backbone such as beetles, spiders, butterflies and many others).

Already a celebrated author of guides to the Okavango, the Bushveld, African rock art and mammal tracks, Lee says nothing compares to his current endeavour. The 408-pager is his “favourite book by far”. Almost nothing in the book has been published in popular literature before.

“Once you start looking at these tiny things, the world of invertebrates becomes more and more fascinating. I have done a two hour walk around one single shepherd’s bush in the Kalahari – there is so much to observe. For example, have you ever seen a butterfly lay eggs? Absolutely stunning!”

Special offer

Valid Wild Card members can purchase Invertebrates Tracks and Signs (Jacana, R320) at the discounted price of R260. To qualify for the offer, send your Wild Card number and physical delivery address to [email protected] (subject line: Invertebrates).

The offer is valid until 30 November 2017. Delivery is charged separately.

Pictures courtesy of Jacana