There’s nothing wrong with a bit of comfort when you go camping. These six essentials will help keep you a happy camper.

We’ve all had THAT camping trip. The one when the zip on the tent entrance broke and it got freezing overnight. The one where the heavens opened and your family ended up with rain-soaked “cats and dogs” sandwiches instead of cucumber and cream cheese.

No camping trip is without its mishaps, but with the long December school holidays already underway, Coleman SA thought to offer a bit of advice for the campers who are in the midst of packing for their annual outdoor escape!

#1: The Shelter

Whether you need a shaded area for long, hot beach days or a safe space to prepare lunch, a huge event shelter that the whole family can fit beneath is crucial. Sunburn on a camping trip is no-one’s idea of a good time. [As pictured above]

#2: The Fast-Pitch Tent

You’re desperate to escape work and the holiday can’t come soon enough. So the first night of your trip is booked on the day that leave commences. Only problem is that the campsite is several hours away and no matter how one arranges it, you’re going to arrive after dark. Setting up camp in the middle of the night, fitting together extended tent poles that cause injury, and crawling around to tie the tent poles to the tent isn’t how you want to start your holiday. Add a summer shower and you have a recipe for disaster. Invest in a FastPitch Tent, which can be set up in less than two minutes. The poles are simply pulled to their expanded length and snapped into place. FastPitch tents are the next level in outdoor convenience.

#3: The Cooler

Coleman is known the world over for quality, high-performance coolers. When choosing yours, don’t settle for a floppy number that leaks ice water before you’ve even poured the first G&T. The Coleman Xtreme® range will keep the ice frosty, the cheese firm and the milk fresh.

#4: The Chairs

Don’t get left sitting in the dust or trying to balance on a wobbly rock. Comfortable, lightweight folding chairs with their own canvas carriers are essential. Coleman Quad Chairs are popular for their durability and their easy-clean fabric.

#5: Light

No one wants to braai or venture to a bush-loo in the dark. A combination of Coleman LED headlamps and lanterns will see you through the light requirements of any camping experience. With patented battery lock technology, you can reserve power when the devices are not in use.

#6: The Sleeping Bag

Choose one that suits the weather conditions of your destination. Too hot or too cold at night is a miserable camping experience! Add a Coleman stretcher or airbed to get you off the hard ground, and guarantee a solid night’s sleep in the great outdoors.

For more information, visit Coleman’s website.