SANParks has included a new feature in its online bookings portal and pre-bookings for day visitors are now available.

Previously, advanced day visitor bookings could only be done for the Kruger National Park by contacting the reservations office.

According to Acting Head of Communications, Reynold Thakhuli, SANParks is continually developing ways to make guests’ booking experience easier. “This is the latest addition to our ever-evolving world of online bookings.”

The new function will enable online users to pre-book their day visitor park permits in a variety of time slots and for several days at a time. “This will alleviate waiting in the queue at park gates and ensure that guests will not be impacted or inconvenienced by the gate permit quotas.”

The new online feature will aid in securing your spot in the Kruger during busy periods such as Easter, school holidays and the festive season, offering peace of mind that your entry as a day visitor to the Kruger is guaranteed.

Specific timeslots include

  • Entry from gate opening time (depending on the season) to two hours after the gate has opened
  • Two to four hours from the gate opening time
  • Four plus hours from the gate opening time