After locating the mother leopard and her two cubs in the Kgalagadi between Twee Rivieren and Rooiputs the previous day, we arrived just in time the next morning to witness this playful and loving encounter between mother and kids. By Johan Mocke

After their banter, they decided to move in the direction of Houmoed not to be seen again during our fourteen-day stay. To us this was a precious and rare moment, a gift of nature and a reminder of our shared habits!

KgalagadiLeopardCub2-.Johan Mocke-Aug 2010

KgalagadiLeopardCub3-.Johan Mocke-Aug 2010

KgalagadiLeopardCub4-.Johan Mocke-Aug 2010

Photographs taken by Johan Mocke in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. His photo sequence was awarded second prize in the Captured Experiences competition.