Love Cape Town’s most famous landmark? This ‘biography’ of Table Mountain shares the fascinating stories of remarkable people who have climbed it through the ages, from explorers and naturalists to flower hunters and mountaineers. Wild Card members save R50 on this new book.

Ever since 1503 when an off-course sailor scaled Table Mountain to find out where on Earth he was, visitors to the Cape have toiled, scrambled, ridden on horseback, climbed or run to the top … and written about it afterwards. On Top of Table Mountain by Joan Kruger tells the story of the mountain as experienced by extraordinary visitors who made it to the top.

First came the sailors, soldiers and surgeons as the colonial powers called on the Cape in their journey to the East. Next were the botanists, astronomers and mathematicians in search of unique discoveries, with the creative types looking for inspiration hot on their heels. In recent years Table Mountain has drawn intrepid thrill-seekers and everyday adventurers in almost equal measure.

The book tells the life-stories of 27 exceptional visitors to the mountain, including such well-known figures as William Burchell, Lady Anne Barnard and Jan Smuts. Discover inspiring personalities like James Holman, the Blind Traveller, who travelled around the world and wrote about it despite not being able to see. And delight in the observational powers of writers, scientists and trail blazers as you read first-hand accounts of their ascents.

This is the first time that the English translations of their reports, written in a variety of languages, including Russian and Swedish, have been collected in one volume.

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