Go on a photo exploration of the world’s oceanic wonders with the Underwater Photographer of the Year 2017 exhibition in Cape Town. Wild Card members will enjoy a great discount and we are giving away 10 free tickets.

You do not want to miss the Underwater Photographer of the Year 2017 exhibition at the Chavonnes Battery Museum in Cape Town from 1 May to 30 September 2017. All together 50 captivating pictures were selected from 100 finalists representing 20 countries, including South Africa. Learn more about the oceans’ many miracles while enjoying professional photography at its best.

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Humpback whale feeding on krill

Underwater Photographer of the Year 2017-Humpback in Houtbay-Jean Tresfon

Jean Tresfon from South Africa

Behaviour: runner-up

Jean says: “Every summer, hundreds of humpback whales gather off the Cape Town coast in a massive feeding aggregation. Working as part of a film crew, I was privileged to have a chance to photograph this phenomenon.”

Dolphins hunting

Dolphins hunting sardine, South Africa 2016

Greg Lecoeur from France

Behaviour: highly recommended

Greg says: “Sardines have become victims of overfishing and climate change. During their migration along [South Africa’s] Wild Coast, all the predators work together to hunt sardines. To capture this moment, I had spent several days on the ocean to have one chance to witness this behaviour.”

I’ve got my eye on you!

Underwater Photographer of the Year 2017-Mozambique-Jenny Stromvoll

Jenny Stromvoll from Mozambique

Compact cameras: winner

Jenny says: “I have shot many whip gobies, but this particular shot was taken with the Inon compact bug-eye lens which added a lot of character to the goby’s eye. The trick was to get close enough without the goby moving away. I was fortunate enough to find a very forgiving goby who allowed me into its private space.”

Dancing octopus

La danse du poulpe

Gabriel Barathieu from France

Winner: Underwater Photographer of the Year 2017

Gabriel says: “In the lagoon of Mayotte, during spring low tides, there is very little water on the flats. Only 30cm in fact. That’s when I took this picture. I had to get as close as possible to create this effect.”

Sea lion playing with starfish

Underwater Photographer of the Year 2017-Sea Lions with Starfish-Francis Pérez

Francis Pérez from Spain

Portrait: commended

Francis says: “In Los Islotes there is one of the most important sea lion kindergartens in Mexico. I went there looking for pictures of sea lions eating on the big sardine banks. I was not lucky, because there were no sardines, but I found many interesting things, such as the one I show in this photo, a juvenile sea lion playing with a starfish.”


Wild is giving away five sets of double tickets to the Underwater Photographer of the Year 2017 in Cape Town. Email the answer to our simple question below to [email protected] (subject line: Underwater) before 4 June 2017. Remember to include your full names and contact details. Wild will randomly select the winners. Winners will be notified via email. Take note that winning tickets cannot be used on Mondays.

Question: Who took the picture titled “Humpback whale feeding on krill”?

Winners: Kennett Sinclair, Garth McQuade, Liz Hodges, Frank Shillington, Jobst Flasbart

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Chavonnes Battery Museum is open from Fridays to Mondays (09:00-19:00), and Tuesdays to Thursdays (09:00-16:00). Tickets are available at the door or online via Webtickets.

* Pictures and captions courtesy of Underwater Photographer of the Year 2017