With eight brand-new rock cottages, two of them wildly luxurious, Mountain Zebra National Park is the place to be. Be part of the park’s 80th birthday celebrations this year and treat yourself to a stay in Cape mountain zebra country.

The Eastern Cape’s Mountain Zebra National Park now boasts eight new additions to its accommodation portfolio – all with mind-blowing views of the park’s beauty. Nestled among huge boulders, the rock cottages blend in with their surroundings on the outside. Inside they surprise and delight with stylish finishes, a well-equipped kitchen and a cosy stove for cold Karoo nights. Six two-sleeper rock cottages are ideal for couples or friends, while two luxury chalets will impress with two en-suite bedrooms and outdoor shower. Stacking doors open on to the veranda for a unique feeling of space and outdoor living.

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Megan Taplin, park manager at Mountain Zebra, says there’s a demand for more units, especially with the park’s current accommodation running at an average of 85% occupancy and increasing year on year. “The new units have also allowed us to diversify our product offering as we already have family cottages and a camping ground. The cottages offer improved features such as covered verandas, built-in outdoor braais, indoor fireplaces, and roomy showers. Who doesn’t like to stay in a shiny new cottage?”

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Aside from the new cottages and chalets, some existing infrastructure was also upgraded. “The bulk services were upgraded: electricity (including a new back-up generator), water and sewerage. We now have a new water purification and distribution system and a biofilter sewerage plant. The services can handle greater capacity and are more efficient and environmentally-friendly,” says Megan.

Home to some 1,169 Cape mountain zebras, the park is indeed a very special place. “It has an unbeatable combination of spectacular landscapes, an atmosphere of tranquillity, excellent wildlife viewing, and friendly staff. It’s also the only national park where you can go cheetah tracking [see below] and experience a little bit of the life of these endangered predators in their natural environment.”

Wild certainly cannot wait to spend a night – or three – in one of the overnight newbies.


Bookings for the swanky new cottages and chalets open on 1 September 2017. Follow Wild on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates. Tariffs for the units were still being finalised at the time of publishing. For more information, send an email to [email protected] or contact the park on +27 (0)48 801 5700/5701.

Cheetah tracking

Go on a guided three- to four-hour drive and learn more about the park’s impressive and elusive cheetahs. As soon as the guide receives a signal from a collared cat, the tracking can continue on foot. Tours start at 08:30 and it’s essential to book in advance. Take note that tours allow for a minimum of two and maximum of eight people.

Excursions cost R363,60 per person. Remember to wear neutral clothing – no white or black. No children under the age of 12 are permitted.

* Pictures courtesy of SANParks