On an early morning drive down the Auob River, just before the Dalkeith Waterhole, we happened upon one of nature’s darker sides. A young male lion was attacking a honey badger and her baby. By Shane Saunders

She put up a long and desperate struggle to protect herself and her youngster, but eventually the lion managed to break her back and she dragged herself off to hide in the nearby grass. The lion returned to find the baby hiding amongst a fallen Kameeldoring. I captured the below images of the tragic event. It left us disturbed, but I suppose nature must take its course.

KgalagadiLionHBadger1-Shane Saunders-Jul2011

KgalagadiLionHBadger2-Shane Saunders-Jul2011

KgalagadiLionHBadger3-Shane Saunders-Jul2011

KgalagadiLionHBadger4-Shane Saunders-Jul2011

KgalagadiLionHBadger5-Shane Saunders-Jul2011

KgalagadiLionHBadger7-Shane Saunders-Jul2011
KgalagadiLionHBadger6-Shane Saunders-Jul2011

Shane Saunders took these photographs in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. His photograph, of the lion looking towards the camera, was awarded first place in the fourth round of the Captured Experiences animal and behaviour category.

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Shane used a Nikon D700 camera, lens: 70-200mm F2.8 VR, ISO 200, shutter speed: 1/1000.