Are you prepared for a wilder than wild year? The Wild Card Programme offers a treasure chest of unforgettable adventures, unique accommodation options and amazing fauna and flora. Get ready to say #HowWildIsThat!

We hope you’re all set, because in the Wild Parks, every moment is a memory waiting to be made. And with more than 80 protected areas to choose from, the sky is the limit. As a Wild Card member, all you have to do is get out there!

#HowWildIsThat – words to live by

It’s what we say when we can’t believe our eyes. When we’re blown away by an experience. Or simply can’t get over how lucky we are to find ourselves in Africa’s wild spaces.

On the #HowWildIsThat itinerary? Hundreds of wilderness escapes, outdoor activities and memorable sightings.

What is #HowWildIsThat?

If you have never…

  • felt the spray of a waterfall settling on your hair,
  • jumped into the refreshing waters of a rock pool,
  • watched as a big cat stalked its prey,
  • stood at the southernmost tip of Africa,
  • looked down on the world from a mountaintop,
  • sat at the foot of an ancient tree,
  • fallen asleep in a treehouse for adults, or
  • gone in search of cheetahs,

…you have not lived.

Now is the time to explore, conserve and enjoy all that South Africa’s wilderness has on offer. You’ll return home with an overwhelming sense of #HowWildIsThat.

Made to share

Part of venturing out into the wilds, experiencing the unknown and being captivated by nature’s many wonders, is sharing it with friends, loved ones and even colleagues. Yes, take that selfie, share that selfie, and don’t forget to mention #HowWildIsThat.

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Featured picture by Paolo Giovanni Cortelazzo