Image by Brendon Wainwright, courtesy of Cape Union Mart

Picture by Brendon Wainwright, courtesy of Cape Union Mart

Summer is approaching, which means holiday reservations and remembering where you hid your warm weather camping gear. Before you pack your car and hit the wilderness, we want to know: how up to date is your summer camping cupboard? With tons of season-specific gear on the market, there’s plenty to explore. Here are our eight summer camping essentials you won’t want to forget this holiday season.

For your daytime explorations

1249442701K-Way Hydration Reservoir and Pack

Whether you’re hiking, cycling or climbing, hydration is crucial in our balmy South African summers. The K-Way pack and reservoir combo is the perfect option for staying hydrated while you’re out and about. Reservoirs come in 2L and 3L and are anti-microbial treated, eliminating harmful bacteria and mould. The outer pack contains multiple pockets and pouches to conveniently fit your sunscreen, bug spray and other summer essentials.

UST Floating Lighterust_floating_lighter_orange_1

Took an accidental dip while kayaking? UST has you covered with their series of floating/waterproof camping equipment, reliable and durable for your summer aqua excursions. This floating butane lighter works when wet, and can be used up to 30,000 times. With a flame able to withstand winds of up to 125km/h, it’s the perfect summer companion for your afternoon braai and evening campfire.  

1236620188Hi-Tec WolfRiver Aqua Shoe

The WolfRiver aqua shoe is a cross between a shoe and a sandal. Sturdy and supportive, yet breathable and comfortable, its tough rubber soles make it the ideal shoe for exploring rocky rivers and sandy shores. Plus, the easy-to-use toggle allows for quick fastening and removal. The shoe comes in both men and women’s styles.  

For the campfire

Lifetreck Mosquito Bandslto-04100_plain_6_pack

Keep those pesky mozzies at bay with Lifetreck’s Mosquito Bands. The multicoloured bracelets slide easily onto your wrist and provide relief for up to 48 hours. They are waterproof, non-toxic and have a natural essence of Citronella to avoid skin and allergy reactions. To use simply remove the band’s individual packing and a Citronella scented fragrance will be released— an effortless, safe way to keep summer’s insects away.

Sky Guide 2017

No camping trip is complete without an evening of stargazing. Sky Guide Africa South is the go-to handbook for spotting and understanding Southern Africa’s stars. Complete with information and diagrams on planets, meteors, comets, stars, and the sun and moon, your evening under the night sky is sure to be a magical, and knowledgeable, experience.

For the campsite

1023230580_2_1K-Way Panorama 3 Person Tent

The Panorama tent’s double entry layout and lightweight fabric offer a spacious, airy option for your holiday campout. It comfortably fits three people and is equipped with a flysheet and mosquito net, so you’ll be prepared for any summer intruder that comes your way. Cape Union Mart gear expert Jody Solomons recommends Storm Spray on Tent cleaner, an effective way to remove muck and grime from tent materials, and lengthen the life of your tent.

Mobicool W35 AC/DCmobicool_w35_1_1

With heating functions, cooling functions and full foam insulation, this cooler is an essential item for your summer camp kitchen. Keep meats, cheeses and vegetables cold in the summer heat, or chill your drinks for the evening braai. The cooler is large enough to accommodate 2L bottles standing, a large and spacious storage option for keeping your food crisp and fresh. Plus, its two wheels and unfoldable handles allow for quick, easy transportation.

show.image_2Sunflex Beachball, Catchball and Football

Every summer campout needs some games. Luckily, Sunflex has a variety of activities guaranteed to liven up any campsite. Play beachball by the water or catchball in the grass. And a Wild tip: Invest in a waterproof notepad like the one from UST. You can keep score of who’s winning, and splash in the water all you want.