Image courtesy of Cape Union Mart.

Travelling isn’t all about the destination, it’s about the journey too. Here at Wild, we like our drives to the national parks to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible, and we’ve got some secrets on what makes a successful road trip. So before you pack the car and go, check out these must-have items for a highway adventure.

car_charger_1_1Red-E Universal USB Car Charger

It’s necessary to stay charged on the road, and this universal car charger is the perfect option. It’s double USB port allows two electronics to recharge at once. So whether it’s a cellphone, iPod or camera, your road trip essentials will always be full of battery power.  

Tom Tom Go GPStomtom-go-50

You’ll never get lost with this trusty GPS system. The touch screen makes it easy to use on the road, and its superb navigation features allow an effortless arrival at your destination. Cape Union Mart gear expert Jody Solomons notes that “it’s the perfect road trip gadget with its 3-D world mapping system and live traffic feed”. And a bonus: The mapping system is preloaded onto the GPS, so you can simply get in the car and go.

skullcandy_earphone_method_s2cdgy-405_11_1000_hero_3Skull Candy Method Bud headphones

It’s bound to happen, the DJ in the passenger seat will play that one song you just can’t stand. Tune out and enjoy your own road trip playlist with a pair of Skull Candy’s headphones. Not only do they have great sound, but with a secure fit and sweat resistance they can be used for more physical activities outside the car.

Thule Hang On 4 Bike1000213756_1

A convenient way to bring your cycles on the road, the Thule Hang On is easy to attach and allows you to pack up to four bikes behind the car. The hang on is tiltable, giving access to the boot, and its coupling needs no pre-adjustment for fixing, making it easy to use. It can even fit junior bikes, so the whole family can join the road trip cycle break.

go_memory_pillowGo Memory pillow

One of the best parts of a road trip: the naps. Rest easy with this ultra comfortable memory pillow. Providing support to your head, neck and shoulders, the pillow moulds to your shape and gives you a cosy place to rest your head. With its soft fabric and lush interior, you’re sure to forget you’re sleeping upright in a car.

Nebo Slyde Flashlightnebo-slyde-led-flashlight-open

You never know when there will be a bump in the road on your highway adventure. Be prepared for a roadside breakdown or evening rest stop with this powerful and durable light source. Both a flashlight and worklight, the Nebo Slyde is ideal for power outages and moonless nights in the wild. The light is powered by four AAA batteries and comes with four extra batteries, so you can begin using it immediately after purchase, and still have an emergency power source.

1235590000Slingsby map

Slingsby maps are your fundamental road trip guide. Tear resistant and waterproof, they provide essential information of South Africa’s greatest natural areas. There are touring maps to a variety of destinations, from the Cederberg to the Wild Coast. Legendary mapmakers Peter and Maggie Slingsby travel every route, so you’re in good hands. Maps are highly detailed, including roads, sights, hiking trails and even GPS coordinates.

Coghlans Toilet Seat Covers113849

At some point on your road trip adventure you’re probably going to come across a dodgy toilet seat. Stay safe with Coghlan’s Toilet Seat Covers. They’re small enough to fit into your pocket, meaning easy transportation to and from the loo. Plus, the seat covers are biodegradable, so you can even use them outdoors. Easy to use and easy to dispose of, this travelling necessity will keep you clean and hygienic.