24 September marks National Heritage Day and we know how we’ll be spending it! Just the thought of beer chicken and potbrood is enough to make our mouth water. Since it’s a holiday, we want you to relax, so leave your Braai Day packing list to us. Here are our essential items for the heritage holiday, from cooking utensils to entertainment. By Olivia Wickstrom

Cape Union Collapsible Cooler

Keep your braai meats chilled in Cape Union’s Collapsible Cooler. The cooler can keep ice frozen for up to three hours, meaning food will stay fresh despite the warm weather. It can also hold up to 30 cans, so it’s spacious enough to hold all your braai essentials. The most convenient aspect is its collapsibility; when the picnic’s over and the food is gone you can fold it up for easy transportation.

Cape Union BBQ Set 18 Pc 

Get cooking with this 18-piece braai set, including all the BBQ essentials. From tongs and knives, to a spatula and marinating brush, this cooking set is the perfect assistant on Braai Day. All items are made from stainless steel and come packed in a stainless steel carrying case, making it easy to transport.

Cape Union Picnic Roll Up Rug

Whether you’re lounging on the grass or the sand this Braai Day, do it comfortably with this compact and convenient picnic rug. Its water resistant bottom ensures an enjoyable and dry picnic, while its roll up feature allows easy transportation to and from your braai site. Enjoy your meal, play card games or simply relax in the sun on this comfy rug.

N-Rit BBQ Gloves

The N-Rit BBQ gloves ensure that your hands don’t get burnt while you braai. The thick, heat resistant material protects skin from the fire, yet the flexibility allows full finger movement so you can cook with enjoyment and ease. A necessary for any serious braaier on this Heritage Day!


Beer chicken is a classic braai item, and the Beerbird makes it easier than ever to enjoy. Place an open can of beer in the beer ring, position the cavity of a chicken over the opened can and place on the grill, it’s as simple as that. With the Beerbird, you can cook tender, juicy chicken, without too much time or effort.

Cape Union Picnic Backpack 

All your picnic essentials are packed and ready to use in Cape Union’s Picnic Backpack. The pack contains everything for a group of four to enjoy a braai, including plates, cutlery, glasses and even a cutting board. A detachable wine cooler connects to one side of the pack, while a small picnic blanket connects to the other. It’s a convenient, stylish and lightweight way to enjoy your Braai Day picnic.

Sunflex Boccia Balls

A braai isn’t complete without some fun and games, and boccia ball is an activity that the whole family can enjoy. The rules are simple: choose an open playing space to throw the yellow target ball into, then take turns trying to hit the target with your boccia balls. If someone’s feeling cheeky, they can even try to knock their opponent’s ball farther away. It’s simple, fun and the perfect activity for a lazy spring day.