Picture courtesy of Cape Union Mart

Think it’s impossible to stay charged in the remote Richtersveld or in the heart of the bush? Think again. Cape Union Mart has plenty of hi-tech options to keep your smart phones charged and cameras alive while exploring South Africa’s wilderness, and Wild has portable power ideas for any traveller – from the cyclist to the hiker.

For the camper: Powertraveller Powermonkey Extreme

For extended camping trips, the Powermonkey Extreme is the ultimate power source. Able to charge an iPhone up to six times and other standard cell phones up to 12 times, you’re sure to always have battery power on your holiday camping trip. Plus, the charger has solar panels for when it needs to recharge itself. It’s suitable for SLR/handheld cameras, phones, tablets and GPS systems. It’s also waterproof and shock resistant, ensuring support throughout your outdoor adventure.

For the road-tripper: Powertraveller Motormonkey

You know those long drives looking for game… Use the time to keep your cameras, cellphones and GPS devices charged. The Powertraveller Motormonkey is the ideal road-trip power source. Not only is it the smallest and lightest car charger on the market, it has a groundbreaking self-sensing technology. According to Cape Union Mart gear expert Jody Solomons, this means that “it doesn’t undercharge and it doesn’t overcharge.” You can leave it plugged in while not in use and it won’t use power. The power release activates only when a device is connected— and when the device is fully charged, the power release stops. An efficient and compact way to stay charged on the road, the Motormonkey is a travelling must-have.

For the photographer: Powertraveller Minigorilla

The Minigorilla offers a compact source to charge from on the go. Whether you’re photographing wild flowers on the West Coast, or game in the Karoo, this charger is the perfect backup when your camera battery runs low. It’s also suitable for mobile phones and tablets, so you can take pictures on your iPhone or iPad too. Small enough to fit in your bag, but powerful enough to charge an iphone up to six times, it’s the ideal battery source for any outdoor photographer.

For the mountain biker: Powertraveller Powermonkey Explorer 2

Drop it on the ground or throw it in the water and this power source will keep on working. Ideal for rugged and rocky situations, the Powermonkey Explorer 2 is a durable, dependable charger in outdoor environments. Its ridged outer shell allows for a secure grip, even in wet situations, and allows the charger to work in extreme and fluctuating temperatures. It’s able to recharge SLR cameras, cell phones, tablets and even head torches. A bike mounting accessory is sold separately.

For the long distance hiker- Powertraveller Solargorilla

Stay charged on the trail with the Solargorilla. As long as there’s sun, you’ll be able to recharge your cellphones, GPS systems, head torches, cameras and MP3 players. Its solar panels are ideal for longer hikes or backpacking trips, and its water resistant durability ensures a charging source in the wild. The charger is small enough to fit in your bag, and, weighing only 700g, it won’t make your pack too heavy. Note that this power source should not be relied on when there is no sun intensity, so it won’t be suitable throughout the year.

For the workaholic: Powertraveller Powergorilla

The Powergorilla can give two to five hours of laptop power, dependent on the specific laptop device. If you need to get some work done while out and about, this is the perfect high-power, portable option. The power source can also charge other electronic devices for up to 20 hours including cameras, mobile phones, tablets and game consoles. Bonus: Connect it to the Solargorilla and you’ll have a limitless (sun-dependent) portable power station.