Harkerville GardenRoute

Towering trees in the age-old forests around Knysna shelter colourful birds and rare butterflies while the estuaries are home to the endangered Knysna seahorse. Take advantage of hiking trails, board walks, picnic spots and mountain bike trails. Look out for the Knysna touraco while on a magical nature trail in the forest.

To reach the Knysna section of the park, I prefer to take the Seven Passes road, a winding and stunningly scenic route that runs parallel to the less interesting though faster N2 highway. On the way, stop off at the Woodville Big Tree, an 850-year-old giant yellowwood, and partake in an easy 2km forest loop hike.

– Dale Morris, Wild 33

Main attractions

  • Hiking in the forest and along the coast
  • Rooted in Time self-drive route
  • Garden of Eden boardwalk


  • Kayaking
  • Swimming
  • Short and long day hikes
  • Multi-day hikes
  • Mountain biking

Top sightings: Tall yellowwood trees, Knysna seahorse, Knysna turaco

Accommodation: Camping decks, luxury tree-top chalet, guest house

Gate times: 07:30 – 18:00

Nearest centre: Knysna

Contact park: +27 (0)44 302 5600

SANParks Central Reservations: +27 (0)12 428 9111, [email protected]

Visit the Knysna National Lake Area’s home page.