Johanna Hedderwick shares her beautiful photographs with us of flamingoes on Wilderness Beach.

Johanna snapped these images of a flamboyance of flamingoes on the main beach section of the Wilderness National Park. The photographs were taken at around 14:30. The birds moved around a bit but let Johanna get close enough to take the images without being too restless.

My favourite shot is the one of the flamingoes running – they held their necks straight up. They had panicked when a glider flew over them.

– Johanna Hedderwick

2 FlamingoesHarvestMoonbeach-JohannaHedderwick-Oct2013

This image was created with a bit of digital manipulation to give the effect of a harvest moon rising over the beach while the flamingoes sleep.

7 FlamingoesBeach-JohannaHedderwick-Oct2013

8 FlamingoesBeach-JohannaHedderwick-Oct2013

9 FlamingoesBeach-JohannaHedderwick-Oct2013

10 FlamingoesBeach-JohannaHedderwick-Oct2013

Camera details

Canon EOS 600D with a 70-300mm Canon lens