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How Wild membership works

What is Wild membership?

Your Wild Card is your passport to explore Southern Africa’s wild spaces, as you’ll get 365 days of unlimited access to the parks and reserves in the cluster of your choice. As a member you don’t pay daily conservation fees – instead you pay an annual fee.

What does unlimited access mean?

If you are a valid Wild member, you are entitled to 365 days of unlimited access to parks and reserves relevant to the cluster and type chosen.

What benefits do I get with the Wild Card?

  • You will receive Wild magazine 4 times a year. It’s a must-read for lovers of the great outdoors, with articles on conservation, nature, the environment and adventure.
  • Our monthly e-newsletter is packed with news of the parks and wildlife stories.
  • Our dynamic website is regularly updated with blogs on nature and travel.
  • Special offers, discounts and competitions for Wild Card members only.

How much does the Wild Card cost?

Tariffs as of 1 November 2019


Please note: A child is anyone who is under 18 at the time of Membership Purchase.

Partner Parks

Who are the Wild partners?

Click on one of our partners to see their parks:




Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife

Big Game Parks of Swaziland

Where can I use my Wild Card?

The All Parks Cluster Wild Card gives you access to the parks and reserves of SANParks, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, CapeNature, Msinsi Resorts and Big Game Parks of Swaziland. View the parks.

You can also choose a specific cluster. In this case your card will give you access to the parks or reserves of this cluster only. You can choose from the following clusters:

SANParks Cluster: 21 national parks in South Africa

Msinsi Cluster: 6 resorts and reserves near Durban and Pietermaritzburg

EKZN Wildlife Cluster: 25 parks in KwaZulu-Natal

CapeNature Cluster: 24 reserves in the Western Cape

Swaziland’s Big Game Parks Cluster: 3 parks in Swaziland

Does the All Cluster Wild Card work at Ezemvelo?

Yes, but not all their reserves – view the list of Ezemvelo reserves that accept the Wild Card.

Visitors entering Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife entrance gates with a Wild Card are required to produce proof of membership (All Parks or EKZN Wildlife cluster) and validity.

The following forms of proof are accepted:

purchase receipt

confirmation letter of purchase, application completion, renewal or update (issued on purchase/renewal of Wild Card membership)

In addition, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife requires proof of identification that corresponds with the ID/passport number on your letter or receipt.

The right Wild Card for you

Is an Individual Card only for adults?

Yes, this card can only be purchased for an adult (anyone over the age of 18 years). The person must have a valid ID number (for South Africans) or passport number (for SADC or International members).

Do I have to be married to get a Couple Card?

No, the Couple Card is for any two people: two friends, siblings or romantic partners, or one adult and one child. BOTH parties must be listed with ID or passport numbers. This means the card is specific to the two people listed on it.

If I buy a Wild Card, can I bring a friend along on that card?

A Wild Card gives access to the people listed on that card. If you want access for two people, you have to buy a Couple Card and enter your friend’s details on your card.

Can my partner use my Wild Card without me?

Yes, the Couple Card is specific to both people listed on it.

Can I change the secondary member on a Couple Card?

The second person on the Couple Card is listed for the duration of the year – you cannot change the details to a new friend for every trip.

How many people may be added to a Family Card?

The Family Card allows for a maximum of seven people added to the card. This could thus be a maximum of two adults and five children or one adult and six children.

Can a child that is 18 years old or older, but still lives with me, be or remain on my Family Card?

If there is only one adult member on a family card, the child that is over 18 can be the second adult on the card, otherwise unfortunately he/she will need to obtain an Individual Wild Card for himself/herself.

I have a child who is mentally challenged and is 18 years or older, can he/she be on my Family Card?

Yes, provided the child has been certified by a doctor as being dependent on parents or guardian. When making the purchase, send us proof of his/her condition to [email protected] or fax to +27 (0)12 426 5480.

International visitors

The Wild Card for international visitors is available as an All Parks Wild Card only.

Can a foreigner living in South Africa purchase a Wild Card for locals?

If you have a South African residence permit, you can purchase an All Parks Cluster or any of the Local Cluster Wild Cards, excluding Swaziland, provided you present your passport and work permit/residence permit when purchasing your card. You will also be required to show this proof whenever you wish to access one of the partner parks. If you don’t have South African residency, you have to purchase an International Wild Card.

Can SADC residents purchase Local Cluster Cards?

If you are a citizen (national) of one of the neighbouring countries i.e. Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana or Namibia, you will be allowed to obtain a Local All Cluster Card, or one of the other cluster options. If you are from any other SADC country, you will be required to purchase an International All Cluster Card. As a SADC citizen, you must provide valid proof of your citizenship when you apply for a Local Cluster Card. You will also be required to show this proof whenever you wish to access one of the partner parks.

I have a residence/work permit for one of the neighbouring SADC countries; can I get a Local Cluster Wild Card?

Work permits or residence permits for other SADC states are not accepted. In this case you will have to purchase an International Wild Card.

My partner is a foreigner with an international passport (no residency). Can we get the Couple Card for locals?

If your partner has no SA residence/work permit status, the only option would be for you to purchase a South African Individual Wild Card for yourself and an International Wild Card for your partner; or an International Couple Card.

Lifetime and Table Mountain Cards

Are Lifetime Wild Cards still valid?

We still honour the Lifetime Wild Cards issued before 20 October 2010. However, we will not be issuing any new Lifetime Cards for the time being. We are looking at other options for our loyal pensioners and will communicate future options in due course.

What about the Table Mountain or Cape Town Wild Card?

Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) has its own My Green Card, which is available only to Cape Town residents and replaced the Cape Town Wild Card. My Green Card operates separately from the Wild Card and has its own rules and requirements. More information can be obtained from the SANParks website or by contacting [email protected] or on +27 (0)21 701 8692.

Can I use My Green Card as a Wild Card?

No, the cards are distinct. My Green Card can be used to access Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) for 12 entries only whereas the Wild Card will give you unlimited access to Table Mountain National Park (if your cluster permits) and other parks of your chosen cluster.

Can I use my Wild Card for activities such as dog walking and mountain biking?

No, the TMNP My Activity Permit is required by individuals who regularly make use of TMNP to undertake a specific/variety of activities such as dog walking or mountain biking. My Activity Permit operates separately from the Wild Card and has its own rules and requirements. More information can be obtained from the SANParks website or by contacting [email protected] or 021 701 8692.

Does the cost of the My Activity permit include the cost of access?

Holders of an activity permit will not be required to pay the entrance fees when accessing TMNP pay points to carry out their specified activity.

Using your Wild Card

What must I do when I visit parks and reserves?

You need to show your Wild Card and proof of identity – either your ID book or passport.

How can I gain access to parks and reserves while waiting for my card to arrive?

When you purchase membership, you will be issued with a Wild Card number on a voucher or receipt. As soon as you update your information online, you will also receive a confirmation letter with your membership details. You can present these documents at parks and reserves, along with valid proof of identity.

Can I use just my ID or passport number to gain entry to parks and reserves?

With proof of identity alone you won’t get free entry. You have to show proof of identity AND your actual card or the receipt/voucher with your Wild Card number, which will be verified.

How to become a Wild member

Can I buy and renew membership online?

Yes, online is best because you can check your details are correctly captured.

How do I buy the Wild Card online?

You need a credit card to purchase membership online. Follow the easy steps to complete your transaction.

Can I pay for my membership renewal by EFT or cheque?

If you prefer not to pay on our secure online server, please contact the call centre on 0861 GO WILD (0861 46 9453).

Will my membership renewal be reflected on the card system?

Yes, it will be. You will be sent a card only once. The same card will be used for membership in future years.

Should I purchase a Wild Card in advance or would it be easier to buy at the gate on entry?

It is the best to buy or renew your Wild Card in advance online. This will ensure you have your new Wild Card number before you visit any of the partner parks and reserves, which will make verification quicker. This way you won’t waste valuable game-viewing time at the gate and you can ensure that your details are captured accurately.

Can I buy a Wild Card at the parks?

You can buy Wild Card membership at many park and reserve gates/receptions, but please check in advance that your destination sells the card. Please note that it is not possible to buy a card at Namaqua National Park and Table Mountain National Park (Boulders, Cableway, Cape Point, Oudekraal, Silvermine). The Tokai office (+27 21 712 7471) of Table Mountain National Park does sell the Wild Card.

It is possible to buy or renew the Wild Card at West Coast National Park. However, please be aware that you will have to pay non-refundable conservation fees to enter the park in order to do so.

If you do buy your Wild Card at a park, you must update your details online. This is the only way to complete the registration process and ensure that you receive your card in the post. This electronic record is used to personalise your card and send it to you, so it’s vital that the information is 100% accurate. We want to avoid cards being returned because the name has been misspelled or the postal address is wrong.

If I buy or renew my Wild Card now, how and when will I receive the actual card?

All Wild Cards are distributed from the central office in Pretoria and sent by registered mail to your postal address. Once you have purchased Wild Card membership, it should take around four weeks for the actual card to arrive. Until such time as you receive the card, you can use your confirmation letter and proof of identification to visit parks and reserves.

General information

How can I update details like my postal address on my Wild membership?

In order to update membership details, log in to your membership account on the SANParks website. Go to www.sanparks.org and click on Wild Card in the top navigation bar, then select Update/Renew membership.

If there is an error on my Wild Card (it does not reveal the number of persons covered by the card, cluster or expiry date), how can I rectify the situation?

Please contact us on 0861 GO WILD (0861 46 9453) or [email protected]. Your current Wild Card details will be verified against a database. If there are discrepancies, you will be requested to supply your full details, which will be investigated by the Wild Card call centre.

I purchased a Wild Card at a reserve a few months ago, but I haven’t received my card yet. What is the reason for the delay?

It could be that your membership details are incomplete and that is why your card hasn’t been dispatched yet. Even if you purchased at a park or reserve, you still have to update your personal details online. We need the electronic record to be 100% accurate in order to send you your card. If any information is incomplete, your card can not be sent.

I purchased a Wild Card membership a few months ago, but I haven’t received any copies of Wild magazine. What could be the problem?

Wild magazine is posted to all members who have purchased a Wild Card and have updated their personal details online. If you haven’t received the magazine, it could be that your postal address is incomplete or incorrect. Please verify your postal address online.

Can a lost or stolen Wild Card be replaced?

Yes. A replacement cost of R100 applies. Please contact us on 0861 GO WILD (0861 46 9453) to arrange for the replacement.

If I forget to bring my Wild Card to a park or reserve and pay the daily conservation fee, can I mail in the receipt and a photocopy of my Wild Card to get a refund?

No, your Wild Card must be present when you enter the park. Refunds are not issued.