Have you ever really listened to the bush? On a sound safari through the Kruger National Park, you’ll explore a different dimension of the wilderness. Get ready to prick your ears and tune in to Kruger’s soundscape.

A sound safari is a novel way to experience South Africa’s flagship park. Just imagine, you drive deep into the bush, pop on headphones and with the help of sensitive microphones tune in to the rich diversity of sounds surrounding you.

For Wild 39 winter 2017 Joël Roerig did just that. In the company of sound expert Derek Solomon, he explored Kruger’s soundscape and learnt to listen, really listen. Along the way they also recorded these two sound clips – one in riverine woodland, the other alongside wetland – in the area around Talamati.

So take a listen. You’ll be amazed at what you hear.

“I can hear the bush in stereo and it is amazing. The symphony is full of rhythm!”
– Joël Roerig

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