The Kgalagadi is a wildlife photographers delight as French photographers Tina and Jean-Marc Malfilatre found out on their visit to the park in 2012.

“Our first visit to South Africa was in 2008 to the Kruger National Park. We love to capture the beauty of nature, wildlife stories, special sights and have a particular interest in cheetahs and hyenas.” During their three week trip to the park, Tina and Jean-Marc, were very fortunate to witness a mother cheetah and her four youngsters on a hunt…

KgalagadiCheetahsHunt1-TinaJeanMarc Malfilatre-Feb2013

KgalagadiCheetahsHunt2-TinaJeanMarc Malfilatre-Feb2013

KgalagadiCheetahsHunt3-TinaJeanMarc Malfilatre-Feb2013

KgalagadiCheetahsHunt4-TinaJeanMarc Malfilatre-Feb2013

KgalagadiCheetahsHunt5-TinaJeanMarc Malfilatre-Feb2013

KgalagadiCheetahsHunt6-TinaJeanMarc Malfilatre-Feb2013

KgalagadiCheetahsHunt7-TinaJeanMarc Malfilatre-Feb2013

KgalagadiCheetahsHunt8-TinaJeanMarc Malfilatre-Feb2013

KgalagadiCheetahsHunt9-TinaJeanMarc Malfilatre-Feb2013

KgalagadiCheetahsHunt10-TinaJeanMarc Malfilatre-Feb2013
KgalagadiCheetahsHunt13-TinaJeanMarc Malfilatre-Feb2013