When Ilse van den Berg showed us her photographs of a serval chasing a spotted genet we couldn’t believe her luck.

The serval and genet were spotted during the early morning near to the main tar road on the way from Olifants towards Letaba in the Kruger National Park. Scroll down to find out how this scene unfolds… “It was early in the morning in the Kruger Park when I saw “something fluffy” in the top of a tree. We stopped and I had all the time to make these pictures – the sighting was all ours.”

About the photographer

Ilse lives in the Netherlands and is an ICT (Information and Communication Technology) project manager. She loves to spend her holidays traveling and photographing, especially in South Africa because of its beautiful nature and wildlife. In her spare time Ilse plays saxophone in a band and has just started studying at the school of photography.