You may have seen this photo of a massive crocodile doing its rounds on social networks…  If you haven’t, you’re in for a surprise. Wild got in touch with the photographer, Bernard JeFrey Steele, to find out about his fantastic sighting.

 Croc crossing rd at Sunset DamBig.Pictures by Bernard JeFrey Steele - 22 Oct 2004.JPG

My wife and I had spent a week and a bit in Kruger and had an absolutely fantastic time. We stayed at a few of the camps down south but particularly had a soft spot for Lower Sabie.

“Before long we had to leave the park. I  had planned a few days of sightseeing around the Graskop area before returning to Cape Town.

“After a few really interesting days we decided that since it was my birthday, and as a treat, we would go back to Kruger as day visitors for one last chance of game viewing. We entered the park and ambled along towards Lower Sabie. Taking in the sights at Sunset Dam, we spotted a massive crocodile with a warthog in his mouth making his way down the bank and passing right in front of our car.

“It took us some time to get the camera and video camera sorted but excitedly I managed to get a few snaps of him and my wife got some video footage. The video doesn’t do him justice, this croc was immense, even with his tail missing a few inches! He then got up and crossed the road, went down the bank and out of sight. At that point we decided to drive on and let him enjoy his hard-earned feast in peace.

“In a post I made on the SANParks forum at the time I was convinced he was making his way to the river to secure his meal from all the competition in the dam. In any event it ended a really fantastic trip for us on an absolute high. A case of being in the right place at the right time!”

Croc biting warthogFullLeftSide.Pictures by Bernard JeFrey Steele - 22 Oct 2004

Croc biting warthogRear.Pictures by Bernard JeFrey Steele - 22 Oct 2004

Croc biting warthogBigSide.Pictures by Bernard JeFrey Steele - 22 Oct 2004