A good light can make all the difference between stubbing your toe repeatedly and having a trouble-free camping trip. Check out these nifty light sources.

The flashlight with a smart battery

Don’t put up with a flashlight that’s always flat just when you want to use it. Coleman’s BatteryLock technology keeps your device from losing power while it is switched off. You may not realise it, but in battery-powered devices, there is still some residual drain on any battery connected in the circuit, even when the power is off. Thanks to BatteryLock technology, you can completely disengage the batteries between use, so your flashlight has full power when needed. Available in a range of flashlights from R299.

The attachable light

How can you be sure you’ll always have a light on you when you need it most? Clip a Nebo LUMO (R99) on your key ring, your backpack or the zip of your windbreaker. This tiny light comes with a carabiner clip so you can attach it with ease. It may be small, but it delivers up to five hours of light. It has a diffuser dome on the end so it spreads the light, making it ideal to hang from your tent roof. While it doesn’t have the directional light you’d want from a torch, it’s a useful emergency light source. The Nebo LUMO even has a glow in the dark on/off button to make your life easy.

The light-up Frisbee

Just because the sun has gone down doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. The Nite Ize FlashFlight JR (R299) is an LED-powered Frisbee that lights up the dark. It’s smaller than a standard Frisbee and covered in a soft, flexible material to appeal to kids. Pack one for your next camping trip and you’re sure to be the centre of attention.

The torch that does double duty

Sometimes you want to pinpoint something in the distance, other times you want to flood the ground at your feet with light. The LED Lenser X14 torch allows you to do both. It uses a combination of a reflector and a lens to create either a focused beam for long distance or a spill-beam up close. Best of all, you can adjust the focus seamlessly by sliding the bezel with the thumb of your holding hand. This torch generates up to 450 lumens and can keep going for up to 10 hours.