On 15 June 2013 Sandra Grobler and her husband came across two cheetahs and their youngsters on a hunt. The following scene took place at the 13th Waterhole in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

Sandra writes:

There were already around five cars at the 13th Waterhole by the time we arrived. My husband said that it looked as though people had seen something but we couldn’t see a thing! We decided to return to the main road and turned left, not long after, I saw something running at lightning speed. This is when we realised that it was young cheetahs on a hunt! I shouted: “He’s chasing him, he’s going to catch him!” I was so excited and nervous that I could hardly hold the camera…  I do not know where all the cars came from but suddenly it felt like Germiston Station!

KgalagadiCheetahs1-SandraGrobler-Sep 2013

KgalagadiCheetahs2-SandraGrobler-Sep 2013 .jpg

KgalagadiCheetahs3-SandraGrobler-Sep 2013 .jpg
KgalagadiCheetahs7-SandraGrobler-Sep 2013 .jpg27

KgalagadiCheetahs5-SandraGrobler-Sep 2013 .jpg

The photographs were taken at around 12:20 and the last picture at 13:51. All that was left from the kill was the skin of the steenbok. The young cheetahs carried the skin away with them. They were probably very happy to have a new blanket!

KgalagadiCheetahsmain-SandraGrobler-Sep 2013

About the photographer

I am an amateur photographer who is very thankful that I had the opportunity to experience something so incredible and unique – I never thought I would see a scene like this! I don’t have much experience in wildlife photography but I hope to expand my knowledge and improve my skills in future.