To end the year on a high note we’ve got a special sequence in store for you. Michele Nel and her husband had a lucky spell on their visit to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. The photographs below show a sequence of extraordinary images that capture their once in a lifetime sighting. Get ready to expect the unexpected.

Michele recounts their experience

This sighting took place on our very first morning in the park. We had overnighted in Augrabies and had driven straight through to Urikaruus. The next day we were ready to leave as soon as the gates opened. It was freezing and an effort, but we would later find out that it was worth it. A special surprise awaited us.

Part 1: Tug-of-war

Just before the turn-off to 13th Borehole we saw a few jackals running across the riverbed.The next minute we spotted two cheetahs with a kill on the side of the road.

KgalagadiHungerGames1-1-Michele Nel-Dec2013

KgalagadiHungerGames1-2-Michele Nel-Dec2013

Cheetah #3 returned from chasing off a pesky jackal.

KgalagadiHungerGames1-3-Michele Nel-Dec2013

I was frantically taking photos, stressing about the fact that it was straight into the sun. Once I realised that the cheetahs were not going to abandon their kill I calmed down and spent a few minutes thinking how best I could photograph them.

Arrival of a brown hyena

KgalagadiHungerGames1-4-Michele Nel-Dec2013

Soon after, my husband, announced in a very excited voice: ”We have company!”

KgalagadiHungerGames1-5-Michele Nel-Dec2013

Cheetah #3 also noticed the newcomer.

KgalagadiHungerGames1-6-Michele Nel-Dec2013

What excitement. We just knew we were in for something special. A brown hyena was running towards us! I snapped away through the windscreen.

The other two cheetahs frantically grabbed a few more mouthfuls. And the brown hyena came closer. We held our breath. What would happen now?

KgalagadiHungerGames1-7-Michele Nel-Dec2013

The hyena ran straight up to the kill and claimed ownership. All three cheetahs stood back as if they had no idea what to do.

KgalagadiHungerGames1-8-Michele Nel-Dec2013

The hyena started dragging the carcass away.

Was this it? Were the cheetahs just going to stand there and let the hyena take their kill? Was this the end of our sighting?

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