This photograph of a Pel’s fishing owl was taken by Chris Alberts whose photographs of this elusive bird won the 50/50 VeldFokus competition last year. Chris was photographing the Pel’s when a fork-tailed drongo took exception to the raptor’s presence in his territory.

The drongo repeatedly dive bombed the fishing owl, but according to Chris the bigger bird wasn’t in the least perturbed. “It reminded me of a dog chasing a car,” Chris says. “The drongo seemed satisfied with its efforts, but the fishing owl didn’t seem to notice.” See the sequence below.

PelsFishOwl1-ChrisAlbert-Mar 2011

PelsFishOwl2-ChrisAlbert-Mar 2011

PelsFishOwl3-ChrisAlbert-Mar 2011

PelsFishOwl4-ChrisAlbert-Mar 2011

PelsFishOwl5-ChrisAlbert-Mar 2011

PelsFishOwl6-ChrisAlbert-Mar 2011

PelsFishOwl7-ChrisAlbert-Mar 2011

PelsFishOwl8-ChrisAlbert-Mar 2011
PelsFishOwl10-ChrisAlbert-Mar 2011