There’s nothing better than pitching your tent in a wild and beautiful place. But where to go for your camping break? Take our quiz to find out what your true camping style is and we’ll tell you where to camp next.

From camping in arid landscapes to finding yourself surrounded by magnificent mountain ranges to setting up camp at the water’s edge or even in the company of the Big Five – South Africa has it all. So pack your camping gear, take this quiz to find out what type of camper you are and head off to one of these great campsites in our national parks and nature reserves:

1. When I get to the campsite, I:

a. Build a campfire, pull out the chairs, and kick my feet up to appreciate the sounds of nature around me.
b. Take out my map and find the nearest trail.
c. Hang my hammock, string up the fairy lights and put out the solar charger – my phone needs juice to post to Facebook.
d. Set up camp and keep my binoculars ready in case of a wild sighting.

2. For cookware, I pack:

a. A flat-bottomed cast iron potjie.
b. Only what I can fit in my backpack.
c. An espresso maker, a deluxe picnic basket, a retro jaffle maker and bamboo cutlery.
d. Nothing. I just use the fire to cook my chops and boerewors.

3. My favourite camping pastime is:

a. Hanging out at the campsite, listening to the silence or watching bush tv (aka the campfire).
b. Hiking from sunrise to sunset or hopping on my mountain bike.
c. Lounging on my inflatable lilo in the water and making sure my pictures are Instagram-worthy.
d. Sitting around the fire and recalling the day’s wildlife sightings.

4. If it starts to rain, I:

a. Go into my tent and enjoy a good book.
b. Put on my rain gear and continue hiking.
c. Get to a dry place to Netflix and chill.
d. Go for a long drive in the park – I might just glimpse an animal looking for shelter.

5. My most expensive piece of camping equipment is:

a. My 4×4 vehicle to reach far off and secluded destinations.
b. My impressive new hiking boots.
c. My Egyptian cotton bed linen and fluffy pillows for a stylish and comfortable night’s rest.
d. My camera and lens to capture that cheetah sighting.

6. The phrase that best describes my relationship to camping is:

a. I enjoy the peace and quiet I find in the great outdoors.
b. I’ve been camping my whole life and love hiking.
c. I like going away for the weekend, but I’m taking my home comforts with me.
d. I love the thrill of spotting a wild animal while sitting in camp.

If you answered mostly A: Your camping style is laid-back.

For you, camping is all about escaping to untouched nature, recharging your batteries and finding solitude at a remote campsite. You hop into your 4×4 and set up camp often where there is no water, wood or electricity. Nothing is too far or too quiet for you.

You’ll love: Richtersberg Campsite, |Ai-|Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park

Picture by Brian Rowe

If you answered mostly B: Your camping style is adventurous.

You don’t go camping to sit around the campsite – you go to get active. Find a campsite that offers a variety of activities like hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, swimming or fishing. You are driven by your sense of adventure.

You’ll love: Algeria Campsite, Cederberg Wilderness Area

Cederberg Wilderness Area

Picture courtesy of CapeNature

If you answered mostly C: Your camping style is glamorous.

You love being in nature, but you also love life’s little luxuries and the comforts of home that you just can’t survive without – even for a weekend. You would rather camp in style and conveniently close to civilisation than rough it in the wild.

You’ll love: Nagle Dam Game Reserve

Picture courtesy of Msinsi Resorts and Game Reserves

If you answered mostly D: Your camping style is natural.

You don’t need much more than your camera and binoculars as for you it’s all about the sightings. A camping getaway that comes with a thrilling wildlife scene is more important to you than fancy gear or loads of activities.

You’ll love: Punda Maria Rest Camp, Kruger National Park

Picture courtesy of SANParks