Winter is one of the best times to visit the Kruger National Park with shorter grass making game spotting much easier. Make the most of your trip with our roundup of the most popular game drive roads.

These are the routes where people have been lucky enough to have regular sightings of cheetahs, wild dogs, elephants, buffaloes, lions and leopards! Head out on one of these roads and keep your eyes peeled for big game.

Best for wild dogs

2 KNPWild Dogs-KenSaunders-May2013

Our choice: The S1 – Doispane Road (Phabeni to Skukuza): there have been regular reports of wild dog sightings along this road. You may just get lucky!

Best for cheetahs

KNPMaleCheetahKwandwe-CharlesDagnall-May 2013

  • S28 Nhlowa Road (near Crocodile Bridge): Cheetahs have been spotted along the entire 24 km route.
  • H7 Orpen to Satara Road: This is often referred to as the best road to see cheetah in Kruger. The open plains make it easy to spot animals and photographers have frequently captured dramatic kills in the area.

Best for leopards

KNPLeopards-ShannonSmith-May 2013

  • S110 Majulu Loop: This 22-km route loops around Berg-en-Dal and is well known for leopard sightings.
  • S52 The Red Rocks Loop: The route follows the northern bank of the Shingwedzi River and loops back to the southern bank. In recent years the northern bank has had regular leopard sightings.
  • H4-1 Skukuza to Satara: Here’s another famous ‘leopard’ road. Many people can attest to having been lucky along this stretch.

Best for elephants


If you’d love to see elephants, then you’re in luck… The Kruger is full of these magnificent pachyderms.

S134 Tropic of Capricorn and the H1-2 tar road. Of course there are many other roads that will lead you right past elephants.

Best for lions

KNPLions-Ken Saunders- May2013

It’s always wonderful to see the ‘king of the jungle’ and Kruger is one of the best places to come across large lion prides.

  • The H1-3 Skukuza to Satara: This is a very pretty drive. Drive slowly to make sure you don’t miss something special. This route often produces lion as well as leopard sightings.
  • H4-2 Crocodile Bridge Road: There is a prolific number of game as well as a fair number of lions that enjoy hanging out in these parts! This road is serious lion territory so scan the veld carefully…
  • H4-1 Sabie River Road: This road runs for 42 km from Skukuza to Lower Sabie and lion sightings are often reported. Give this drive a go!

Best for buffaloes


They’re one of the big five and so while there may be plenty of them around, seeing buffalo is still an impressive sighting! Buffaloes are widely distributed in the Kruger National Park and have good numbers. The S50 gravel road is a prime area for seeing buffalo and you’ll also have a good chance of seeing elephants around here too. The Shingwedzi, Letaba, Satara, Skukuza and Lower Sabie all offer good opportunities for seeing large herds.