Wild reader Duncan Noakes writes: “On a recent trip I entered at the southern gate of the Addo Elephant National Park and took a slow drive along the gravel track. I soon noticed a heron swaying in the wind. This is typical behaviour of these birds when they are hunting.

I stopped and got my camera ready. With my camera resting on a bean bag I settled down to wait for some action, expecting the heron to catch a locust or something similar. After about 10 minutes of waiting I was rewarded when the heron suddenly struck and caught a large vlei rat. Within less than a minute the heron had devoured the massive rat whole! Passing cars, on the lookout for greater sights, had no idea what they had missed.”

Duncan used a Canon EOS40D together with a Canon 100-400 lens, as well as fill in flash from a 580EXll at -1 stop. Settings were ISO320, f7.1 and 1/500th second.