We enjoyed this photo sequence of a hyena family having some fun. Alison Gillitt paid a visit to the Kruger National Park and captured the happy scene on her camera.

We recently visited the Kruger Park, and once again were treated to some amazing sights. Among several sightings of ground hornbills, large herds of rhino and watching the antics of the white-fronted hornbill, the most memorable had to be the family of hyena we spotted just outside of Letaba. Mom and one baby were in a clearing about 10 m from the road.

KNPHappyHeyna1-by Alison Gillitt-Sep 2013

Baby gives mom a hard time, chewing her leg. Pictures by Alison Gillit

KNPHappyHeyna2-by Alison Gillitt-Sep 2013

KNPHappyHeyna3-by Alison Gillitt-Sep 2013

Dad comes through the bush. Baby is so excited and bounds across to dad to say hello. 

KNPHappyHeyna4-by Alison Gillitt-Sep 2013

Dad gets to the clearing, mom gets up to greet him.

KNPHappyHeyna5-by Alison Gillitt-Sep 2013

KNPHappyHeyna6-by Alison Gillitt-Sep 2013

KNPHappyHeyna7-by Alison Gillitt-Sep 2013

The two have a huggy huggy moment, with baby looking on. 

KNPHappyHeyna8-by Alison Gillitt-Sep 2013

Folks and baby head off to find pup number two (we unfortunately didn’t see much of the second pup). 

KNPHappyHeyna9-by Alison Gillitt-Sep 2013.JPG

All back to the main clearing, where mom settles down again, and baby does what babies do best: gives mom a hard time. 

KNPHappyHeyna10-by Alison Gillitt-Sep 2013