Tall and elegant, giraffe make an unforgettable impression. But did you know that giraffe are considered endangered across Africa? Join us for a presentation by Rebecca Muller of UCT to explore the biology and behaviour of these graceful giants and discover how they’re faring in Mokala National Park.

Thanks to their striking coats and impressive size, they’re one of the most sought after animals on safari. Giraffe boast many unique traits, from exceptionally long tongues to blood vessels that guard against sudden changes in pressure. Masters student Rebecca Muller studied these charismatic creatures in Mokala National Park and will be sharing her insights into giraffe. Learn more about their adaptations, habitat preferences and what can be done to protect them for the future.

Date: Thursday 19 April 2018
Time: 18:15 for 18:30
Venue: Cape Union Mart Adventure Centre Canal Walk
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Five fast facts about giraffe

  1. Each animal’s coat pattern is unique, just like a human’s fingerprints.
  2. Male giraffe stand up to 5.5m tall. That’s as tall as a double decker bus!
  3. The marvellously long tongue measures 45-50cm and is a dark purple-blue colour.
  4. Giraffe can run at speeds of up to 56km/h over short distances.
  5. It has the biggest heart of any land animal, about 11kg in weight.